FeaturePoints has one of the best mobile apps to earn money with exclusive tasks that can be done anywhere. It is available for all countries, it has many earning methods, it has a friendly interface and it can be very profitable if you get referrals. The rewards are based on points, where 3,000 points = 5 dollars.

Attractive Features:

  • Available for all countries
  • Many different ways to earn money
  • Contests with big prizes
  • The best referrals program
  • Some surveys routers also pay you for being disqualified
  • Exclusive features such as Tap Research surveys, free apps to try, games to play and scratch cards

Sign Up + Completed Profile Bonus: 50 points using a referral link + 20 points for completing your profile

Earning Methods: Surveys, offers, videos, free apps, games, scratch cards, cash back, contests and referrals

Referrals Program: From 25% to 50% commission

Minimum Payment: 3,000 points = 5 dollars

Payment Options: PayPal, Gift Cards and Bitcoin

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 3 working days

Payment Proof: featurepoints.png


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