When a company wants to measure its customer satisfaction about its products and wants to structure new product or service lines, it needs to launch market surveys. One of the best ways to do it and reach a lot of people as fast as possible is through the Internet. Basically, the company contact a specialized website and pay a fee for a certain number of surveys. So the website provides the surveys to its users, according to the company's target audience, offering some rewards.

Also, we can not deny that the Internet is the target of many hackers. Because of that, many people wonder if these kind of websites are reliable and really pay the rewards. The answer to this question is YES! Many of these websites are serious, need our opinion and pay for it, as long as our answers are responsible and honest.

The purpose of this website is not to provide surveys, but to list the reliable and most profitable websites that really pay the rewards. It is totally based on my own experience. I am registered on these websites and I have already been paid for answering online surveys and doing other tasks. I intend to keep the list up to date, always adding new ones or removing those ones that can become a problem in the future.