Cashzine is the best mobile app to earn money reading news. It gathers articles from several websites from your country. You can also earn money commenting the news, completing surveys, offers and quizzes, spinning the lucky wheel, checking in, watching videos and participating in referrals program. The rewards are based on coins, where 100,000 coins = 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • Sign up bonus
  • Exclusive promotions
  • A lot of ways to earn money
  • Some surveys routers also pay you for being disqualified
  • One of the bests support services

Sign Up Bonus: 8,000 coins if you use an invite code (read the guide below)

Earning Methods: News, surveys, offers, quizzes, daily check-in, videos, lucky wheel and referrals

Referrals Program: 15% commission reading articles + 3 possible gifts

  • 5,000 coins when someone uses your invite code and earns 50 coins reading articles within 24 hours after joinning
  • 8,000 coins if the same person earns more 2,000 coins reading articles within 3 days after joinning
  • 7,000 coins if the same person earns a total of 5,000 coins reading articles within 7 days after joinning

Minimum Payment: 600,000 coins = 6 dollars

Payment Options: PayPal and some others depending on your country

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 5 working days

Payment Proof: cashzine.png

INVITE CODE: 16249209

Cashzine Invite Code Guide.pdf

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