In order to be able to complete online surveys you must be at least 18 years old and be a customer willing to give your honest opinion about different types of products. In general, the researchers are looking for people who live in urban areas, are employed and buy at least half of the products for their home. 

However, if you do not have this profile, do not be upset, because you can still have some surveys opportunities since there are a lot of them for all kind of people daily. Besides that, some websites and their partners have other different tasks to make it possible for all the users to earn money. See the list of the top websites to know about them.

Below I give you some tips that you can follow to prepare yourself for completing surveys, being able to earn your rewards and avoid being screened out or banned.


  • Create an email account different from your personal one to sign up on these websites, so you can work properly;
  • Create a PayPal account using the same email you have used to sign up on these websites. Also, your first and last names must match exactly. If you already have a PayPal account with a different email, you can just add the new one to your account;
  • Prepare a peaceful environment with a good Internet connection, so you can focus on the surveys without interruptions;
  • Keep the websites on your bookmark toolbar for an easy access;
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track on the websites you have signed up, the surveys you have completed and your monthly performance.


  • Be patient, responsible and honest;
  • Allow the cookies for these websites and their partners;
  • Disable ad blocks;
  • Take your time to read the questions and complete the surveys properly;
  • Make sure each page fully loads before filling out information;
  • Leave the last page of the survey open once completed for a few minutes or until it credits;
  • Wait a short period of time before trying your next survey.


  • Try to fraud;
  • Try to complete the surveys as fast as you can;
  • Try to complete the same survey on different websites;
  • Try to complete more than 1 survey at a time;
  • Share the link or the content of the surveys with your family, friends or other people;
  • Create multiple accounts;
  • Use VPN or Proxy programs;
  • SPAM.