Surveys are intended for people that use products for most of the time and have conditions to buy and talk about them by themselves. 

Once you are qualified, give honest and consistent answers because your credits can be taken away later and your account can be blocked. 

Keeping that in mind, you can follow the tips below to increase your chances for being qualified.

  • Never run;
  • Never use VPN or Proxy programs;
  • Pay attention to all the questions, some of them are a trap for quality check;
  • Write down a personal profile and make sure to always use the same answers during the qualifying questions;
  • Never lie about your country, zip code, marital status and age;
  • You should have at least a college degree;
  • You should have a full time job;
  • The company you work for should have more than 100 people and should be related to technology;
  • You should not work for companies related to marketing, research and similars;
  • You should be an analyst or something similar;
  • Your personal monthly income should be at least 5,000 dollars;
  • Your family monthly income should be at least 10,000 dollars;
  • Your family annual income should be at least 100,000 dollars;
  • You should make all the decisions in your house;
  • You should demonstrate that you have a product and intend to buy a product;
  • You should use social network, watch video streamers, play video games and do anything else for more than 30 hours per week.