SayMore used to be Univox Community and now it has a new name. It is one of the best websites to earn money completing surveys. It pays the best incentives for being disqualified from surveys compared to the other websites and apps. Besides that, it provides a very good membership program where long term users can earn higher prizes on contests and redeem their earnings starting from smaller amounts. The rewards are based on points, where 100 points = 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • The best incentives for being disqualified from most of the surveys
  • Daily and monthly engagement contests with good prizes
  • Membership program that unlocks some exclusive features for the users
  • Exclusive promotions, specially on holidays

Completed Profile Bonus: 200 points

Earning Methods: Surveys, fortune wheel, voting questions, contests and referrals

Referrals Program: You earn 100 points when your referral completes its first survey + 10 points for all the next surveys

Payment Methods: PayPal (there are more ways to redeem your earnings depending on the country you are from)

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 3 working days

Payment Proof: univox.png


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