Insta GC

Another very nice one where you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, micro tasks, quizzes, watching videos and others. It has partnership with Your Surveys, Samplicio, Cint, SaySo, Wannads and some others. Your earnings are based on points and can be redeemed for PayPal, Bitcoin and Gift Cards, starting from 100 points = 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • Weekly bonus, where you can earn up to 5% bonus based on your total earnings in the week;
  • Decimal pot contest, where 3 winners share the prize in the jackpot;
  • Sports contest, where 3 winners share the prize in the pot;
  • Promo codes, that are frequently provided on Facebook and give some extra points;
  • Referral bonus points. You earn 10 points per referral from USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

Disqualification Credits From Surveys:

  • Theorem Reach = 1 point

Disqualification Credits From Surveys (maximum of 10 points per day):

  • Cint = 1 point
  • Peanut Labs = 1 point
  • Samplicio = 1 point
  • SaySo = 0.5 - 1.5 point

Disqualification Credits From Surveys (available after reaching 500 points):

  • Tap Research = 2 points

Sign Up Bonus: 10 points = 10 cents

Referrals Program: You earn 10% on what your referrals make for life.

Payment Waiting Time: Instantly

Payment Proof: instagc.png


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