Rewards1 is one of the best websites to earn money because it is available for all countries, it has a friendly interface, it is very easy to reach the minimum value for payment and it has a custom reward option where you can ask anything you want since you have the value for that. They are also active on social media, specially on Facebook, where they are always providing bonus for completing surveys and promo codes for the users to get some free points. The rewards are based on points, where 100 points = 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • Available for all countries
  • Many different tasks to earn money
  • Daily quests with extra points
  • Weekly contests with good prizes
  • Low value for payment
  • Low payment waiting time
  • One of the best referrals program
  • Custom reward option where you can ask anything
  • Bonus with the average of your last 6 cashouts
  • You can play games against other members
  • Some surveys routers also pay you for being disqualified
  • Membership program that unlocks some exclusive features for the users
  • Promo codes and surveys bonuses that are eventually provided on Facebook and give some extra points

Earning Methods: Surveys, offers, videos, games, daily quests, draws, promo codes, contests and referrals

Referrals Program: 20% commission

Minimum Payment: 500 points = 5 dollars

Payment Options: PayPal, Gift Cards and Custom Rewards (anything you want)

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 2 days for new users

Payment Proof: rewards1.png


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