Points Prizes

This website has a lot of ways to earn money like completing surveys and offers, watching videos, entering free giveaways and much more. It has partnership with Your Surveys, Adscend Media, Wannads, Revenue Wall and others. You can reedem your earnings for PayPal, Bitcoin and a lot of Gift Cards options, starting from 3,000 points = 20 dollars.

Attractive Features:

  • Coupons, that can be used to earn up to 500 points. See the list below;
  • Referral bonus points. You can earn up to 30 points per invited friend using a special referral link.

Disqualification Credits From Surveys:

  • Theorem Reach = 1 point

Referrals Program: You earn 10% on what your referrals make for life.

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 30 days

Payment Proof: pointsprizes.png

Coupons (only after signing up): list.png


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