Grinda Buck

Grindabuck is a good website to earn money, but it is not available for all countries. It has three different walls, where the first one is exclusive for videos, the second one for surveys and the last one for offers. Besides that, it provides a good membership program where long term users can redeem their earnings starting from smaller amounts. The rewards are based on points called GB, where 100 GB = 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • Monthly bonus
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Contests with good prizes
  • Low payment waiting time
  • Some surveys routers also pay you for being disqualified
  • Membership program that unlocks some exclusive features for the users

Sign Up Bonus: 100 GB

Earning Methods: Surveys, offers, videos, promotions, contests and referrals

Referrals Program: 10% commission

Minimum Payment: From 1,000 to 100 GB (10 to 1 dollar), according to your account level

Payment Options: PayPal, Gift Cards and Cryptocurrencies

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 24 hours

Payment Proof: grindabuck.png


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