Grinda Buck

Another one that provides a lot of surveys and offers from the well known companies like Your Surveys, Cint, Samplicio, SaySo, Peanut Labs, Adscend Media, Revenue Wall and many others. This one has a system based on points called GB (GaBs or GrindaBucks), that are converted into cash. New users can reedem their earnings for PayPal, Gift Cards and Bitcoin, starting from 1,025 GB = 10 dollars. However, this value can decrease over time.

Attractive Features:

  • Monthly achievements program, where you can earn up to 500 GB = 5 dollars plus 6% bonus based on your personal total earnings in the month;
  • Monthly GaBs contest, where the top 15 are awarded up to 2,700 GB = 27 dollars;
  • Exclusive promotions. Keep an eye out on special holidays;
  • VIP user level, from penny to legend, that unlocks some exclusive features for the users.

Disqualification Credits From Surveys:

  • Peanut Labs = 0.01 GB
  • Theorem Reach = 1 GB

Referrals Program: You earn 10% on what your referrals make for life.

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 24 hours

Payment Proof: grindabuck.png


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