Gift Hunter Club

This one provides a lot of high paid surveys that pay instantly. It has partnership with most of the survey routers like Your Surveys, Yuno Survey, Adscend Media, Wannads and many others. Also, it provides other ways to earn money like watching videos, contests, referrals program and much more. You can reedem your earnings for PayPal and Amazon gift cards, starting from 5 dollars.

Attractive Features:

  • Monthly referrals contest, where the top 10 are awarded up to 35 dollars;
  • Raffles, where the winners earn the available and chosen gift cards;
  • Daily bonus, where you can earn 10% based on your total personal earnings on the day;
  • Weekly bonus, where you can earn 10 cents.

Disqualification Credits From Surveys:

  • Theorem Reach = 1 cent

Sign Up Bonus: 1 dollar

Referrals Program: You earn 10% on what your referrals make for life.

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 3 working days

Payment Proof: gifthunterclub.png


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