Dollar Clix

Another very profitable website that has more than 20 partners on its offer wall. Also, it provides a panel that shows the newest, the most and the last credited offers. It has a system based on points that can be converted into cash and vice versa. You can reedem your earnings for PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire and Gift Cards, starting from 1 dollar.

Attractive Features:

  • Contests. It always promote a new and different contest to earn bonus cash;
  • Promo codes, that are eventually provided on social media and give some extra points.

Disqualification Credits From Surveys:

  • Theorem Reach = 1 point

Sign Up Bonus: 10 points = 10 cents

Referrals Program: You earn 20% on what your referrals make for life.

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 3 days

Payment Proof: dollarclix.png


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