Gogoal is one of the best mobile apps to earn money playing games and predicting soccer results. The app has a daily missions list that rewards the users with coins, money and experience points. Coins are used to play games, money can be redeemed for PayPal and experience points increase your user level and unlock exclusive features for each level you reach.

Attractive Features:

  • Sign up bonus
  • Weekly contests with good prizes
  • You are paid to have fun playing games
  • Membership program that unlocks some exclusive features for the users

Sign Up Bonus: 1,10 dollars + 4,000 coins if you use an invite code and verify your PayPal account (read the guide below)

Earning Methods: Games, missions, daily check-in, ad videos, contests and referrals

Referrals Program: 5 cents when someone uses your invite code + some money commission and 50 experience points if your referral completes missions within 14 days

Minimum Payment: 10 dollars for the first withdraw and then 30 dollars

Payment Options: PayPal

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 2 months for the first withdraw and then up to 7 working days

Payment Proof: gogoal.png


Gogoal Invite Code Guide.pdf

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