Clip Claps

ClipClaps is the best mobile app to earn money watching funny videos and playing games with other users. You can also earn money uploading your own videos, scratching cards, completing surveys and offers and participating in promotions and referrals program. The rewards are based on cash and clapcoins, where 100,000 clapcoins = 1 dollar. The clapcoins must be converted into cash in order to be redeemed, but they can also be used to buy chests and have a chance to earn more money.

Attractive Features:

  • Sign up bonus
  • A lot of ways to earn money
  • Exclusive promotions and contests
  • You are paid to laugh, have fun and share

Sign Up Bonus: 20 cents if you use an invite code

Earning Methods: Videos, games, scratch cards, chests, raffle tickets, financial plans, surveys, offers, promotions and referrals

Referrals Program: You can receive up to 3 diamond chests per referral

  • 1 diamond chest when someone uses your invite code
  • 1 diamond chest if the same person logs in a second day after using your invite code
  • 1 diamond chest if the same person logs in a second week after using your invite code

Minimum Payment: 15 dollars

Payment Options: PayPal and Prepaid Refill

Payment Waiting Time: Up to 7 working days

Payment Proof: clipclaps.png

INVITE CODE: 0127496097

ClipClaps Invite Code Guide.pdf



ClipClaps Lucky Spin Promo Code Guide.pdf

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